Precision Partners

The Precision Purpose

At Precision Partners, we recognize that each farm has its own individual production needs and goals, so we strive to maintain flexibility with our customers when it comes to products, plans and pricing. Our proven approach to providing customized solutions for producers involves innovative on-farm strategies, superior service and ongoing performance monitoring. We excel in these areas so you don’t have to, and take great pride in helping position your farm for high yields and long-term success.

  • 2011

    Started as a soil sampling and crop consulting company, wanting to help growers facilitate testing on their farms that generated positive ROI

  • 2012

    Recognized a need to be able to facilitate precise application of our recommendations, which grew into the custom application business that we're known for today

  • 2013

    Adopted a site-by-zone method of soil testing that allows us to use varying soil type properties when writing our fertility recommendations

  • 2014

    Purchased three air machines (one floater & two rogator) to eliminate spread pattern issues in different fertilizers, specifically in urea products, and on windy days

  • 2016

    Invested in first front-boom sprayer equipped with intellispray technology, almost completely eliminating costly chemical overlap and allowing us to vary pressure based on environmental conditions in and near the field to mitigate off-target risks

The Precision Team

Dalton Dodd

Co-Owner & Managing Partner

Bryan Thompson


Kasey Thompson


Brendon Cunningham

Distribution Manager

Karen Goble

Head Office Administrator

Heather Lucas

Assistant Office Administrator

Nathan Conn

Custom Applicator

David Leisure

Custom Applicator

Justin Howard

Custom Applicator

Drew Amstutz

Custom Applicator

Nick Roberts

Custom Applicator

Gus Hoeswitzer

Custom Applicator

Austin Knisley

Custom Applicator

Patrick Rife

Custom Applicator

Keith McIntire

Sales Associate

Chris Roe

Sales Associate

Steve Dulgar


Bob Varner


Nathan Varner